SoulSexy Life about the tantalizing sense of smell, sight and keen intuitive connection to the power and flow that comes from being in Love with Life. It is the philosophy and practice of joyfully living to your fullest potential in alignment with your soul. By (re)discovering, healing and unleashing your sexual energy, you reconnect your core life force with your core self. The more you pay attention and stay in this awareness, you will master skillfully and apply this orgasmic worldview to every aspect of your life, making it juicy and irresistible.

SoulSexy Life is a school and playground for those who seek deluxe love making the wanting to experience the elixir of life. A brainchild of Julia Kovacs whom has been a teacher and tour guide for over a two decades. She is a renaissance woman who has been enjoying her path in this world seeking ardently to live in freedom, be it intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. Julia is passionate about carefully crafting experiences that will help you expand your horizons and access the joy and satisfaction your heart deeply desires to live an orgasmic life. SoulSexy offers educational videos to teach you to become a more conscious and better lover, puts on the once a year SoulSexy Summit where experts in lovemaking and energy healing gather, in addition to the monthly SoulSexy mansion party and the "28 days to become a SoulSexy Woman" app.